School is like a relationship. Sometimes it’s a breeze and sometimes it’s a struggle. Sometimes we get an A and sometimes we want to drop out. It’s there through sleet, snow, or drought, good times and bad times, sickness and health, for richer or poorer, and until that much anticipated day when we part ways, somewhere around the age of 18. School invades the American family, more so than anything else for about 18 years, approximately 180+ days each year. We set our schedules to it, vacation around it, and save years in advance for it. It often dictates how our kids dress and the friends they choose, and is frequently the precursor of reward and punishment for kids.

As we grow into adulthood, it plays a major role in how we learn to deal with peer pressure, respect for one another, and tolerance. Needless to say, if something is going to dictate this much of our lives, we want the best environment and the best instruction to ensure a smooth process and lead to a bright future for our children.

Having worked with hundreds of parents, first as a teacher and later as a school counselor, I know that the occasional school issue can cause stress for both students and parents.

Wouldn’t it be great if every day was a blue ribbon day for every child, if every day they won their category in the Science fair, made Honor Roll, got inducted into the Clean Plate Club or the I Lost a Tooth Club? Unfortunately, we know that this is not reality. Most of the time, kids do make it through their school career with only minor scrapes and bruises. But occasionally they hit a stumbling block. It happens to the best of students at some point in their school career. Through the ups and downs of a child’s school career, parents likely will face a challenge.

How can a school coach help?

Working with a school coach cannot change the facts but can help you work through school-related decisions, refine your presentation and understand your options as you work to provide the best learning opportunities for your child. You have a vested interest in your child’s education and you have a multitude of options from which to choose. A coach can help you sort through your questions and clarify your concerns in order for you to make the decisions that you feel are best for your child.

• Are you considering alternative ways to educate your child but feel stuck in making the decision?
• Do you know your options?  
• Do you want to home school but don’t know where or how to begin?
• Is your child having difficulty in school? Can you identify the problem?
• Do you know how to best help your child?
• Is there a recurring problem? What have you tried in the past? Has it worked?
• Do you know what resources are available?
• Do you know how to approach a parent-teacher conference? **
• Do you long to see things get better but not quite sure how to follow through?  

** Many parents are confused as to what recourse they have when school issues arise. They want the best for their children but they don’t know how to make it happen. The good news is that parents have the ability to solve the issues rather quickly and succinctly. Just as in any other setting, you have to know the ropes and you have to speak the language. You have to know your options and you have to know how to present yourself in a credible way. Whether the issues are related to social problems, behavioral, or academic, the manner in which they are addressed can have a profound effect on the outcome. Conferences at school can be stressful for many parents. The cardinal rule for attending a school conference is read more ….


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